Sauce’s Gameday Movie Poster: Slovakian Sniper

We know its been radio silence over here at NOHS (powered by Twig in 2013) but we thought we'd break out of our slump with a great gameday movie poster

Seriously, this should be on my bedroom wall, (if of course my wife would allow it, which she wouldn't.) But it should be on yours. 

In the style of Pacific Rim, we give you the Slovakian Sniper, Mr. Tomas Tatar (my new favorite player not named Bertuzzi).

From the Art Department:

"It's time…. It's time to dig deep and gut one out… slug one out. It's not going to be easy as we're constantly reminded of those who have fallen to the injury monsters. But, we have the manpower. We're smarter and faster and better than these teams. We've got the coaching and the determination. The time to fight back is now. Let's get back in the hunt for the Atlantic!

Musical Inspiration (Please play while scrolling below):

Tomas Tatar is Jaeger pilot 1 of this giant. Saturday's poster will be his co-pilot Gustav Nyquist.

(Why do these two? Go to extra skater if you haven't watched a game and check out their corsi.)


Huge game tonight – we need "Souce" to step up.  LGRW.