Sabres vs Red Wings 10.2.13

Pretty solid win by the good guys tonight. Not a ton of goals, but they scored enough and that's what matters. The Wings did a lot of things right tonight and got the result they deserved.

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I know hockey is back because I don't seem to care that my wife wants to go to the Caribbean without me.

Poor woman. It's going to be a long season.

The PK did great, killing off two different 5 on 3 chances. Buffalo was 0-7 on the night and didn't really have a lot of good chances. Part of that was their own failing, but Detroit played well out there.

The 1st power play unit was terrific. They generated chances and made the Sabres work. The 2nd unit, not so much. There’s skill on that unit, but they need to get used to playing with each other a bit more.

Howard was great, though the one goal he let in was pretty much on him with the giveaway. Still, the team started to get sloppy in front of him towards the end and he bailed them out.

Cleary played and Tatar sat, but Cleary played well. If not for the terrible interference call against him, he gets a power play goal. He also did well in front of the net.

I thought our defense was solid. Smith had one or two moments where he made me clench, but he did fine overall. I think the extra space behind the net will help him as much as the attacking forwards.

FNG Watch: Alfie and Weiss had great nights, both nearly scoring early. I keep thinking Weiss is Miller, though because I see a lefty with a number ending in 0. I also struggled with DeKeyser and Kronwall for some reason. Oh well.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Jimmy Howard. He just wins when he plays the Sabres. That’s what he does.

Second Star: Pavel Datsyuk. GWG and some key takeaways throught the game.

Third Star: I liked Ericsson tonight. He caused the turnover that led to the GWG by Pav and played physical all night.

Things to Continue: First power play had great pressure. Keep that going. Smart play by the defense, too.

Things to Stop Doing Forever: Dumb penalties. Some BS calls, yes, but for the most part, the Wings deserved all of those calls against them.

It’s great to have hockey back. I’ve missed you guys! Next game is Friday night in Carolina. See you then.