Let’s Remind Dan McNeil that the Hawks Are Still Detroit’s Little Brother

Ah.  What a game.  

Twig will be here soon with a recap, but until then, let's not let Dan McNeil forget that Detroit just smoked his precious Hawks just one day after writing this:  

The Blackhawks are too fast for Detroit. They're too deep. The Hawks are much more experienced, especially at the blue line. They're too well conditioned. Chicago is too everything for a Wings team that appeared out of gas after going a full seven games against Anaheim in the first round…

Enjoy these not-so-spicy Wings, who are nothing more than an annoying impediment that won't take long to remove.

Today, Detroit was too everything for the punk-ass Hawks and their bandwagon fans who didn't make a sound.  So take a moment and remind Dan how much Detroit just "hammered" the Hawks – his Twitter handle is @DanMcNeil670.