Red Wings vs Wild Recap: 2.17.2013

Red Wings were the better team for about 55 minutes tonight, but lose 3-2 to the Wild. To say that the Wild dominated during those 5 minutes would be a stretch. The play was pretty even, but their shots went in. Mrazek looked a bit rattled after the 3rd goal, but didn't give up any more.

Hockey happens. That's my favorite phrase to use when explaining to someone how we ended up with 0 points after playing better than the winning team. Hockey happens.

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Mrazek may never get nervous, but I think he got rattled there for a while. He's a competitor, though, so he didn't give up another goal. A lot of that had to do with Detroit's defense keeping the Wild forwards to the outside.

If you watch a replay of a Detroit goal against this season, you'll often find Kronwall standing in front of our goalie, providing the perfect screen. Such was the case on the Heatley goal.

If Pavel's shoulder is still hurting, you wouldn't know it watching that wrister from a mile out.

PK did really well. PP had a few looks, but wasn't dangerous. Tatar should have had a penalty shot. I've seen the Howard face penalty shots from far milder infractions.

Well, I'm kind of at a loss right now. They played well enough to win and probably deserved to, but they didn't. Once again, a team in red played hard, only to have a few cruel bounces go against them.

Hockey happens.

Next game is Tuesday against the Stupid Preds.