Red Wings vs Stupid Nashville Recap: 2.19.2013

Really sour ending to a good game. Pavel worked his butt off tonight and helped the Wings get a point, but an undeserving team is celebrating the win tonight.

Rinne was decent, but that guy is a classless prick. Miller was standing too close to him after Detroit got a lucky bounce, so he jabbed him with the butt of his stick. I seriously dislike him and look forward to his name never being on the cup.

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The refs tonight were terrible. Major discrepancy in power play chances with plenty of chances to either call obvious penalties against the Preds, or not call cheap ones against Detroit. Our PK did well though and it’s not like our PP is deadly, so maybe it wouldn’t have mattered. Still would have liked some consistency.

Howard left the game with an upper body injury. We don’t know what happened yet or if he’ll be out for long, but rest assured we will let you know ASAP.

Datsyuk’s goal was unreal. He knocked a guy down in his own zone, grabbed the puck, then beat every Stupid Predator on the ice. I look forward to one day showing that goal to any future kids I help produce.

Detroit needs to do a better job of letting their goalies see the puck. It’s one thing to let someone screen the goalie, but when our own guys are doing it, it’s a problem. Seems Detroit gives up at least one goal per game where Howard or whoever is in net couldn’t see past his own man.

Next game is Thursday against the Blue Jackets. Losing streak must end.