Red Wings vs Stars Recap: 2.27.2013

There it is, Hockeytown. 22 straight playoff appearances for the Detroit Red Wings. I never doubted them. Okay, so I doubted them. But only when they appeared to doubt themselves. This team that we’ve seen the last four games? They’re capable of breaking some hearts in the playoffs.

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This will be less a recap of the game and more an ode to the guys that got us here.

Early in the year when the feces were hitting the oscillator, some wondered if Hank was the wrong choice for captain. The last four games I would say every player on the team has worked hard and contributed, but none more than Henrik Zetterberg. Watch him carry the puck in traffic with a defenseman on his back, taking slashes, being held, yet he never loses the puck. That takes skill, but it takes even more heart and determination to win. He’s been an inspirational leader. To hell with speeches and clichés. Hank didn’t pull this team into the playoffs, he pushed them in.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Howard has been the team’s MVP. Once Detroit was up 2-0, we all knew it was over. No way Howard was going to get beat three times. Turns out he wouldn’t get beat once. This is the best I’ve ever seen him play. People say—hell, even I say that Howard has trouble being better than the guy at the other end of the ice. Not this year. He is consistently the #1 star, even if I don’t give it to him for the sake of spreading the love around.

Mule turned it on when he had to. The Franzen that we have seen this last week is the Franzen I expect all year. Not the numbers, but the effort. You can’t say he’s been lazy and he’s getting points now as a result. This is why he drives us nuts, but it’s also why we love the ugly SOB on days like this.

Danny DeKeyser is steady and makes great passes out of the zone. I don’t know if the rest of our blueline freaked out when they realized a guy fresh out of college was better than them or what, but he made everyone else better. Not saying Smith and Quincey aren’t terrible at times, but they have been better.

Pavel Datsyuk. What is there to say? The man was great all year. The rest of the team just now caught up to him.

The kid line. While the adults were sorting out their offensive problems, the third line kept working and gelling into an impressive unit. They’re not finishing yet, but they will. Too much talent and effort for them not to.

I know I’ll leave someone out, so use the comment section to set me straight.

22 straight playoff appearances. Awesome. We’re on our way, Anaheim. Nervous?