Red Wings vs Sharks Recap: 2.28.2013

Detroit played a strong game from start to finish tonight and earned two points in a 2-1 shootout win in San Jose. Brunner has been the only Red Wings to score in the shootout this year. He's 2-2 and the Wings are 2-0 in the skills competition. This also means our goalies haven't been beaten yet. Though shootout wins don't count as much as regular wins, 2 points is better than 1.

UPDATE: Randy Hahn has apologized for his comments regarding Eaves' "goalless streak" so I'm calling off the dogs. He says he forgot about the concussion. Ok. We move on.

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Gustavsson looked awkward out there, but he only got beat once on 26 shots in his first start of the season. You can tell he's rusty, but whatever. He played great.

The young guys get better every game. Andersson and Tatar gain confidence with each shift and Lashoff continues to impress me. Watch the 2-on-1 he broke up. If you focus on Lashoff instead of Thornton, you'll see Lashoff fake a few lunges for the puck. Thornton didn't bite, but that showed me that Lashoff is actually using his rookie status to try to get guys to let their guard down around him. His last second diving poke-check kept the game scoreless.

Ericsson was very physical last night. It's like he's starting to realize that he's the biggest dog in the fight and is tossing the ankle-biters around now.

Filppula was out tonight and I barely noticed. The second PP unit was actually better with him not on it. Hopefully this sends him a message and he gets it in gear.

Eaves scored his first goal since missing over a year with a concussion.

Speaking of Eaves scoring, the idiot Sharks announcers thought it would be funny to joke about Eaves finally scoring a goal. They failed to mention that he had been out for over a year and worked his ass off to get back. When they caught hell for it, they finally did mention that Eaves had been out with a concussion, but were trying to have a laugh. LOL! Well, I like jokes, too, so if you have a minute, go ahead and give the San Jose Sharks a call or twelve today and tell them what you think of Randy Hahn. (408) 287-7070 or (800) 366-4423. Have fun!

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Gustavsson. Big win for this team and he played a *puts on sunglasses* monster role. YEEEEEEEAAAAH!

Second Star: Brunner. He did what he was supposed to against Niemi and that's lift the puck. If you don't shoot high on Niemi, you're just *puts on sunglasses* padding his stats. YEEEEEEEAAAAH!

Third Star: Eaves. He had some good looks at the net again and finally got one to go in off his leg. I can't think of a way to finish this one with a joke.

Next game is Sunday at home against a team we don't like. We'll win that game in regulation.