Red Wings vs Hurricanes Recap 10.4.2013

Close call tonight, but the Red Wings came out on top of the Hurricanes 3-2 in OT. This game didn’t have a whole lot of good scoring chances by either team and most of the goals came off of broken plays. Nice to be 2-0 right now, though, so we’ll take the goals any way we can get them.

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Pav seemed to be having a hard time tonight. He did well in his own end for the most part, but Carolina did a good job preventing his creativity. Luckily Carolina had no answer for Zetterberg’s hard work.

The story of the power play is the same today as it was Wednesday. Good pressure by the first unit, but no finish and nothing good on the second unit. I have faith that it’ll come, though. Too much talent on both lines.

The PK was good again, only giving up the one fluke goal late in the kill. They also didn’t have to do much work tonight as the Wings were only whistled for 3 penalties.

Howard was really good tonight. Just a little late on the first goal, but it happens. He made some big saves when Carolina was trying to put the nail in the coffin.

Good goal by Abby to get the Wings on the board. He also picked up his physical play while controlling the puck. Before the third started I was preparing myself to write about how he was getting knocked off the puck too easy. Nice to see him turn that around and contribute to the comeback.

The Amazing Adventures of Brendan Smith: A new feature I just came up with. We’ll chronicle the times Smith has a chance to make an easy play but makes it an adventure instead. I actually think he played well tonight, minus the penalty, but today’s AABS was the almost 2 on 1 chance he turned down by trying to make it into a 2 on 0. Oh well.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Gotta go with Hank here. He tied the game late with his persistence and assisted on Abby’s goal.

Second Star: Weiss with his first goal as a Wing. Glad he’s ours.

Third Star: John Franzen? Yeah, he picked up 2 assists on the last 2 goals scored.

Things to Continue: Hard work in the corners and crash the net.

Things to Stop Doing Forever: Shooting the puck from the point at NHL goalies when there’s no screen.

Next game is tomorrow against the Bruins. They’re probably our toughest competition this year, so a good first impression would be nice.