Red Wings vs Ducks Recap: 3.24.2013

Red Wings made that one about as interesting as they could while hanging on to the regulation win. We’ll take it, but in the future, don’t let off the gas when you go up 2-0, k? Howard, though… Man, that guy is tough to beat when he’s on and the last two games he has been on.

Full recap after the jump:

Friday night I was concerned that the Ducks would come at the Wings with a ton of pressure and possibly put the game out of reach early. The opposite happened as the Wings outshot the Ducks in the first ten minutes of the game, but really let up after that. I would say a combination of bad ice and Howard’s brilliance gave the Red Wings two points.

Jakub Kindl had a great game. I’ll admit he had a couple mistakes like a really bad icing that almost cost the Wings a goal, but I think he was one of our better defensemen today. He seems more and more sure of himself as time passes.

I did not like Damiun Brunner being scratched in this game. That’s a risky thing to do to a pending UFA that could potentially be a 40 goal scorer. Like I said before, the two points are nice, but we really need to stick with Brunner here.

Special teams sure have come a long way in the past few days. PP and PK have stepped up big when needed.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Jimmy Howard. Without Howard, the Wings lose badly. He was amazing.

Second Star: Jakub Kindl. Assist and strong game at both ends of the ice.

Third Star: Drew Miller. GWG.

Oh, how could I forget: Getlaf, Perry and Selanne all had about a ton of sand rammed up their vaginas when the ref caught the obvious trip on Val. I lawl’d! Do you hear me, Ducks fans? I LAWL’D at your loser leadership! HAHAHA!

Next game is tomorrow against the Coyotes. Bring a better effort, boys. We’ll need all the points we can get.