Red Wings vs Ducks Recap: 3.22.2013

The following phrases were said tonight: “Franzen wins the race” “Power play goal, Detroit” and “Abdelkader with the hat trick!” And they were all true. I’m scared, too. This game was a lot like the won the Wings just lost to the Wild. The home team carried the play, but the road team scored on their few chances.

And I'm so thrilled for Abby, I'm not going to do that Rocky Denis picture joke this time.

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I lied.

The Ducks dominated early, but could only solve Howard once, legally. They first goal being waved off was the right call. Howard was strong, though and definitely earned tonight’s win.

The Ducks got away with a lot tonight. Mostly on instigators. There were three fights tonight and all of them were instigated by the Ducks. The one that has me the most angry is Bobby Ryan’s because he even looked up at the clock while following Smith all over the ice. The refs gave him a cross-checking minor, but not an instigator, so he avoids the “mandatory” suspension. Which means he’ll be playing against the Wings on Sunday and will probably have a career night.

I know a lot of people throughout the hockey world like Selanne and I certainly respect his skill and longevity, but he dives and whines as bad as any other duck. Screw him.

If you’re like me, in the back of your mind you’re thinking “Great, now Babcock will NEVER take Abdelkader off Pavel’s wing.” Come on now. You know he was never going to anyways. Just enjoy the hat trick and the win.

Nyquist played well with the minutes he was given. He shows flashes of brilliance which make me look forward to seeing him play actual minutes with better players.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Just Abdelkader. Was there any doubt? Go get your curly fries, friends.

Second Star: Jimmy Howard. The Ducks controlled the play for the majority of the game, but lost because of timely goals and solid play by Howard.

Third Star: Pavel Datsyuk. 250 career goals, 500 career assists and the GWG tonight.

Brace yourselves for Sunday night. The Ducks faced zero consequences for their behavior tonight and they’ll all be ready for some revenge. The first punch is the easiest to land. It’s the second one that you have to work for.