Red Wings vs Ducks Game 2 Recap

Well, that was fun. This game just proves once again that no lead is safe. Doesn’t help when your goalie starts to crack under the pressure, either. Still, a win is a win in the playoffs and home ice is now ours. Win all home games and advance.

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Howard was making those saves all year, but tonight he struggled. In fairness, watch a replay of any Duck goal and you’ll find a Duck standing in his crease. Not just a foot in the crease either. I’m talking whole body in the blue and making no effort to leave. Still, for 5.3 a year, he has to be able to win with a 3 goal cushion late in the game.

Looking forward to Teemu’s retirement, whenever it ends up being. He’s not classy, he’s a piece of crap. Kronwall needs to end him. Legally, of course. Wouldn’t want to sink to their level.

I think Souray should be given an assist on the GWG. All that momentum and he slashes Abby for no reason. Not to mention he about killed Abdelkader at the end of the second. Hockey players are tough, though (Well, not Selanne. He’s a wimp.), and Abby is amongst the toughest. Right after getting slashed by Souray and knowing he had just given his team another power play, a single camera caught his knowing smile:

Pavel Datsyuk has had it with Anaheim’s BS. Their strategy so far has been to hook, hold, slash and cross-check him and I don’t think a single one of those infractions has been called. It’s awesome seeing him throw his weight around like he’s a 4th liner, but I hope our fans can influence the refs in the future so they start calling the obvious penalties.

Speaking of that crowd, I feel bad for them. How sad to have had that franchise for 20 years or so and still have no clue what they’re watching. Morons.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Johan Franzen. Mule made them pay on the power play and he survived a shot to the crotch. Playoff Mule is my favorite Mule.

Second Star: Gustav Nyquist. GWG and another solid game from a future/current star.

Third Star: Danny DeKeyser. No points, but I liked his game yet again. And that altercation with Selanne was great. There’s 42 year old Selanne losing his cool and going after a young rookie while the rookie skates away smiling. I’m going to miss his.

Honorable Mention: Valtteri Filppula for dangling Perry just before dishing it to Goose for the winner.

Next game is Saturday. Every game from here on out is the most important game of the series. Dominate. Protect home ice. Make Teemu cry.