Red Wings vs Ducks Game 1 Recap

An unfortunate result in game 1, but not the end of the world. Going forward, the Red Wings will need to shoot more and turnover the puck less if they want to win this series.

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Why all teams didn’t put a heavy forecheck on our young defense is beyond me, because every team that did seemed to win. Guys like Smith and Kindl are terrible under pressure. Ericsson made several blatant turnovers last night and that was without pressure.

The PK wasn’t good enough. Both of the Duck goals were scored on the power play, so the Wings need to either stay out of the box, or tighten up when down a man. What’s worse is both goals were scored as a result of dumb penalties. Disagree with me if you want, but Tootoo’s crosscheck was dumb. As for Kindl’s shot over the glass, he had other options, but pressure got to him.

The Ducks’ strategy for defending Datsyuk seems to be to hack and whack at his stick and legs until he loses control of the puck. Not really sure how you counter that, especially since their star players just drop to the ice when touched.

I liked the forecheck of our third line, but they’re not really creating dangerous chances yet. Hopefully they will soon, because the effort and talent is there.

Next game is Thursday night against this same group of jackasses. Regroup. Dominate. Take home ice.