Red Wings vs Coyotes Recap: 4.4.2013

Red Wings got what they deserved tonight after putting forth very little effort. Final score was 4-2, Coyotes. Detroit simply MUST get points anywhere and everywhere they can from here on out if they expect to make the playoffs.

Recap after the jump:

“I like our team.”

Not much good to say so I’ll be brief and focus on whatever bright spots I can: Nyquist never gave up. Emmerton was terrific tonight on the PK. Howard can only do so much.

I like Tootoo, but wish he had dropped the gloves with HealthyScratch2point0.

Next game is tomorrow night against the Avalanche. Hopefully DeKeyser can get into the game and make an impact. Hopefully Brunner is back from injury.

Hopefully Detroit frigging shows up.