Red Wings vs Coyotes Recap: 3.25.2013

Red Wings turned it on at just the right time tonight and Jonas Gustavsson of all people shut the door on the Coyotes for a 3-2 win. Some of you might disagree with me because of how awkward he looked, but Gustavsson was the reason Detroit won tonight. He had no chance on the two he let in, but was enormous at times, especially on the penalty shot.

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Renney seems to have improved our special teams.

Pavel had a good night on the score sheet, but it would have been even better with decent ice and the Coyotes getting called for a tackle or two.

I’m really liking Kindl’s confidence lately. He reminds me of the douche at the club with the popped collars going up to every girl with some terrible line. You laugh at him, but more often than not he gets some action. I just read over that again and I’m pretty sure that’s a terrible analogy, but I’m going to go ahead and leave it in there.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Jonas Gustavsson. He is at least as unorthodox as Hasek and maybe even more out of control, but that W looks dead sexy right now.

Second Star: Pavel Datsyuk. 2 points including the GWG.

Third Star: Niklas Kronwall. 2 assists tonight and he was on the ice nearly half the game. Not bad for 3 games in 4 nights.

Quick recap tonight because it honestly seemed as though the Wings were going to lose until the Coyotes took some dumb penalties and shot themselves in the foot. We’ll take it.