Red WIngs vs Canucks Recap: 4.20.2013

Wings lose a game they just about had to win. They got a point, but needed two. Wings still have a game in hand on Columbus, but are one point behind in the standings.

Recap after the jump:

Really impressed with DeKeyser tonight. He joined the rush at all the right times and played well in his own end. Really wish he didn’t take 65 though, because he looks way too much like Kronwall. Actually he was mistaken for Emmerton once tonight, too, so maybe he’s just destined to never get credit for anything.

Filppula is terrible. At hockey, that is. I’m sure he’s a great guy. Honestly, how the hell is he this bad in a contract year? Normally guys like him put up huge numbers, get paid, then cripple their teams with a brutal cap hit. Not that Ken Holland won’t give him an undeserved raise, but still…

Emmerton was good, Kindl was good. Mule was good. Pav was, too. Brunner is good with Nyquist, but doesn’t seem to have any confidence right now.

Canucks played a dirty game and mostly got away with it. That’s on the refs. “Let him go! Let him go! Hey, you’re holding him! Let him go!” Yeah, because you’re supposed to give guys a fair warning before calling a penalty. The refs tonight reminded me of bad parents. “1, 2… 2 and a half… Don’t make me say 3! 1, 2…”

But hey! Don’t be mad about the non-calls. The Wings did get some PP chances but didn’t really come close on them.

Cleary and Abby on the ice together in OT. Twice.

Miller broke his hand in the first period. That's probably it for him this year.

At the end of the day, the Wings were the better team, but lost. That’s the 2013 season for you. Just frustrating. I’m not about to start writing a “Looking Back at the Playoff Streak That Was” post, but I am thinking of some ideas for one.

Next game is Monday night against the Coyotes. Win out or that trip to Dallas is a waste of fuel.