Red Wings vs Canucks Recap: 10.30.13

Detroit played a great game overall and was rewarded with two points. They did a much better job of winning battles along the boards, they retrieved loose pucks, and created turnovers with their hard work.

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Sorry for the late post, but I’m not conditioned for these late games like I used to be. First of all, I thought Howard played a good game. I wasn’t exactly sure how he wasn’t able to see the pass from Thing 1 to Thing 2, but it still took a perfect one-timer from a sharp angle to beat him. I try to stay out of the Blame-Quincey-for-Everything club, but he’s the reason Sedin was so open as he left him to chase the other one, who was already covered. Still, the defense (mostly Kronwall and DeKeyser) only gave up 20 shots.

Kindl is a good defenseman. I like his decision making and I don’t panic when he has the puck. He was good at both ends of the ice tonight.

Tatar scored, but it was one that Luongo had to stop. Still, he played great with the time he had and that goal came when he was playing with Pav and Hank for a short time. Hint, hint…

I like Abby on the third line. I’ll admit he has better hands than I thought he did, but I still don’t think he’s top line material. But on the third line, which is a healthy mixture of offense and checking, he’s outstanding.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Howard. He made some key saves, especially when the Wings were down a goal.

Second Star: Alfie. He played a smart game, again, and was where he needed to be to get the Wings on the board.

Third Star: Tatar. GWG and a great setup to Abby who was only denied by a great save.

The win was huge, but this team still can’t score enough goals. If they can get back to the old days where 3 or 4 goals was the norm, they’ll be a force. Until then, we’ll grind out as many points as possible. Next game is Friday in Calgary.