Red Wings vs Blues Recap: 2.7.2013

Well, clearly the Red Wings players read the blogs since they obviously knew we were pissed at them. No, I’m kidding. The coaches coached and the players played and that was all it took to take down the Blues tonight.

I don’t know if the Wings played harder for the sake of Mrazek, but they proved once again that they’re capable of beating good hockey teams. Not just winning, either. They kicked the Blues’ asses tonight from start to finish. Will they play that way over the weekend? That’s up to them.

Mrazek played really well tonight. Hard to believe he was playing junior hockey less than a year ago. As in, people got laid the night he played his last game in the OHL and the children that resulted from that are still in the hospital as he beats the Blues. NOHS: Come for the hockey, stay for the weird analogies!

Full recap after the jump:

If the Wings were playing a full 82 games, Brunner would be on pace for 40 goals. As a rookie, kind of.

This was the night where everyone we were mad at (well, almost everyone) played well and most of them put up points. Awesome.

PK gave up another goal, but they at least worked hard. Still, when they have a chance to clear the puck, they’re not doing it. Seriously guys, just take a quick look and you won’t shoot it into bad guys.

PP did nothing but kill the penalty. Luckily, the Wings only had one real PP, so they were able to sustain pressure 5 on 5.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Petr Mrazek: Only let in one goal against a talented team. On the road.

Second Star: Bottom six forwards: Cleary, Tatar, Abby, Miller, Tootoo and Emmerton with points tonight.

Third Star: Kyle Quincey *ducks*: Look, the man had a good game in his own end. Third star may be a stretch, but I have to give him credit when I can.

Honorable Mention: Big Rig: He threw his weight around tonight and kept the Blues off of Mrazek. Come to think of it, all six defenders had good games tonight. Nice.

Next game is Saturday against the Oilers. They suck and it’s an afternoon game, so expect a slow start. Hope I’m wrong!