Red Wings vs Avalanche Recap: 10.17.13

4-2 win for the Wings tonight over the amazingly overrated Colorado Avalanche. If not for the Wings taking the second off and Gustavsson letting in two sympathy goals, the game would have been a blowout. Still, handing them their first loss was nice no matter how it happened.

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I know we all want Tatar out there, but Cleary has been good on the powerplay and we’re scoring goals now, so this may be our best lineup available. It’ll only get better when Helm comes back and replaced Glendening, who is playing very well, but hey, it’s Darren Helm.

Powerplay is deadly. Funny that just a few days ago the narrative was that the Wings were the only team to not score with the man advantage and now they’re one of the best teams at it.

Colorado played physical and crossed the line early. McLeod is what you get when a pile of crap manages to gain a pulse, but he wasn’t alone. Looked like every Red Wings defenseman got hit in the numbers at some point. Thankfully no one else was hurt. I have not heard it myself, but according to people on Twitter, the Colorado announcers thought Kronwall got what he deserved for the way he plays. Foolish. Kronwall has always played within the rules. He has hit guys in the head, but there was a time when that was legal. Since then, he has changed his game to accommodate the rule change. Patrick Sharp once said that Kronwall yelled to him that he was coming. You mean to tell me that a guy who warns the opponent that he’s going to hit them deserves a concussion? Shove it up your ass.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Jonas Gustavsson. Yeah, he scares me, too, but only when he can see the shot. It’s like he’s 2009-10 Osgood. Makes a bunch of great saves and then waves at the floaters. Still, that’s 3 straight from a guy we all wanted bought out and he made some brilliant saves along the way.

Second Star: Johan Franzen. He owns the Colorado Avalanche. Not only did he score twice, but he blocked shots, skated, and hit guys. That’s the Mule we all love.

Third Star: Pavel Datsyuk. Two terrific goals tonight.

Honorable Mentions: Good for Drew Miller for standing up for himself. He took quite a few punches, though.

Things to Keep Doing: Dominating first and third periods.

Things to Stop Doing Forever: Taking second periods off.

I hate Colorado. No fan base that cheers when a player is hurt deserves respect. They got what they deserved tonight. Next game is Saturday against the Phoenix Coyotes.