Red Wings Recap: 4.12.2013

Another slow start to this one, but that didn’t really matter because Chicago didn’t score until later in the second when Detroit had taken back control of the game. This 3-2 shootout loss means Detroit got 3/8 points against Chicago this season and won zero games.

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Why can’t this team hold a late lead? If you ask me it’s because our defense can’t handle pressure. They get the puck, they try to make an outlet pass, but it’s taken away or flat-out given away. All of them do it, but especially our 20-somethings. That’s fine for Smith and maybe Kindl, but Ericsson and Quincey have to know better. (Yes, I know Smith didn’t play. I’m referring to ALL of our blown leads, not just this one.)

This team does miss Bert in the shootout. Hank scored by going up high, but everyone else tried to shoot through Crawford’s pads. Why? Seriously, the lower part of the net is spoken for. Shoot high!

I’m very impressed by Nyquist’s hustle out there. He plays a strong game, putting his body between the puck and a bigger defender. Reminds me of a young Pavel Datsyuk in a way, but young Pavel never smiled.

It’s unfortunate that the rivalry with this team has essentially died today, but I won’t miss their fans or their broadcasters. Of course we could meet in the playoffs, but this team is going to have to prove that they care enough to make it first.

The next two games are huge. In reality, every single game is a must-win at this point, but these first two? Lose one and you can pretty much make vacation plans. Nashville and Calgary sucked before the trade deadline, then they sold assets, so now they really suck. Fighting for a playoff spot and lose to either one? Disaster. Don’t let it happen, Wings!