Red Wings Recap: 3.31.2013

Not sure why NBC thought it would be a good idea to broadcast some Hawks fan playing NHL 13 on rookie skill level yesterday. Amazing graphics, though, eh? People in the CGI crowd actually looked like they were going to kill themselves.

Reality after the jump:

It was real. We got killed. It sucked.

This was just like the first game of the year against the Blues where the Wings did nothing right and the other team did everything right. There were no real bright spots tonight, though I was thrilled to see the clock show 0:00 at the end of the third. It was terrible.

Speaking of terrible, a few years ago I used to think Toews was a good guy on a team I was born to hate, but as seasons have come and gone, I think he’s starting to become more like the adolescent pieces of crap he’s supposed to be leading. If Datsyuk’s hit was late, it was barely late. The fact that Toews even went after Pav is hilarious and irritating at the same time. Of course he waited until there was someone between him and the perennial Lady Byng finalist before going into his “Lemme at ‘em! Lemme at ‘em!” routine. Pathetic.

Speaking of pathetic, Eddie Olczyk went above and beyond the call of asshattery yesterday on the Datsyuk/Toews “incident.” I won’t speak for you, but I know I saw the puck go over the glass and according to Twitter so did the people I follow. Olczyk didn’t see that, though. What he saw was the captain of his precious Blackhawks go down and he was not cool with that. There wasn’t much as far as pushing and shoving goes. Pav just stood there and tried to explain himself to the children around him dressed in white and black as they pretended to be brave. So when Toews was sent to the box, Olczyk went nuts. He started calling out the refs for getting the call wrong as if that one minor penalty would be the difference in that 5-0 game. So we patiently waited for him to hear the announcement. “19, white, 2 minutes for delay of game.” “DELAY!?!? WHAT!?!?” So he spends the first half of the Red Wings power play lamenting the call and humiliating the refs and then finally someone with half a brain chimed in with the mics off and he came back to say, “Oh, sorry.” Would someone please, PLEASE plant some cocaine in his car already?

NOHS Top Three Screw Ups of the Game:

First Screw Up: Kindl. What a shot by Jakub Kindl. Howard never had a chance. It was such a great shot I think Kindl would have been justified in throwing his glove in the air and shooting it like Selanne or saluting the crowd like Jagr.

Second Screw Up: Ericsson. He was -5 yesterday. That’s bad in hockey, but I guess if he was a golfer, he’d be cheating on his hot Swedish wife by now.

Third Screw Up: Mike Babcock. Was within inches of Pierre and didn’t shove his microphone down his throat. Would have been the only bright spot of the game.

Next game is tonight against Colorado.