Red Wings Recap: 3.3.2013

That hurt. Detroit didn’t play well until the third, but Howard played one of his best games of the year. Unfortunately, the bad guys pulled off a late miracle. Ericsson played well tonight, but an unlucky break saw him in the box for putting the puck over the glass. Then a failed clearing attempt led to Kane’s tying goal. Franzen hit two posts late in this game.

Like I said, this hurt.

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We really needed two points today. This is the second time we’ve played Chicago when they were on the end of a strong of multiple games and we’ve only gotten two of four points. Unacceptable.

Getting sick of Franzen’s lazy play.

Lots of hate for Ericsson on Twitter today, but that loss is not on him. He was great early on when Chicago was skating circles around the team. Need more than one goal to win. Basically what I’m saying is, if you’re putting this loss on Ericsson, you’re being lazy and are not paying attention.

Howard was the only star of the game for either team. Kane got lucky. Crawford is fat.

Next game is Tuesday against the Avalanche.