Red Wings Playoff Recap 5.25.2013

Chicago took advantage of all their calls and non-calls tonight and beat the Wings pretty easily. Not a good effort by Detroit at all. It really reminded me of the 1997 series against Colorado where Detroit had gone up 3-1, then got spanked in game 5. Will they rebound at home in game 6? We’ll see.

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Complain all you want about the Hawks getting away with stuff, but Abby did not need to do the dumb things that he did. Unforced penalties were what got Chicago in this hole and it’s getting them out of it.

Red Wings PK is great when it wins the faceoff and clears the puck allowing them to deny reentry, but they couldn’t clear the puck to save their lives tonight.

Some lazy play in the third lead to Shaw’s second goal. Seems the Wings had resigned themselves to defeat. OK. But win Monday, because game 7 back in Chicago? No.

To make this loss extra painful, all of Chicago’s goals were scored by their biggest douchebags.

Howard did all he could.

Next game is Monday night in Detroit. If you are going to the game, you must be loud. Will this team across the finish line, because Chicago is still good and they suddenly believe in themselves again.

But they're still beatable.