Red Wings Playoff Recap 5.15.2013

I don’t care what happened tonight, the Chicago Blackhawks are completely beatable. Detroit shot themselves in the foot all night long and Chicago got every single bounce. They are so beatable.

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Chicago has to lead the NHL is even strength goals when they should be shorthanded.

Hossa’s goal was a gift from Brendan Smith. That was the only goal Chicago got off of a Smith turnover, but he committed many. Is Detroit trying to win or are they trying to educate rookies? If they’re trying to win, White must play Saturday. Detroit got badly outshot and some of that was on Smith for not clearing the zone when he had the chance to.

Crawford didn’t have to do much tonight and that’s too bad. He’s not that good and the Wings could beat him more if they took actual shots rather than passing into traffic for no reason.

Not impressed by the Blackhawks PK. They have not given up a goal yet and that surprises me. Detroit had chances. They hit posts, they missed the net, they made bad passes and Chicago just kind of stood there and watched it happen. They’re not that good.

Kane and Toews did nothing, but neither did Datsyuk or Hank. Our star forwards are better than theirs, but they have to play like it.

Howard was terrific tonight, but got no help and no luck.

Third period play must be unf#cked soon. Hopefully by Saturday.

I’ll keep saying this until the series is over, win or lose: This Chicago Blackhawks team is beatable. They are overrated and just so damn beatable. But it’s going to take a better effort by Detroit to make it so. Hit them. Get in Crawford’s fat face. Push and shove. Be Abdelkader.