Recap 3.15.2013

Garbage game against an inferior team whom we have a history of dominance against of late. But if Chicago’s streak could come to an end, our “streak of brilliance” is in just as much danger. Pavel Valerievich had other idea, however. Wings beat the Oilers 3-2 in Overtime (great to avoid the shootout) on a Datsyukian Deke and now have just 1 regulation loss in their last 26 games against them going 18-1-7 in that time. I believe they only have 4 regulation losses the last 44 games against this team but I can’t evidence for it. Either way, incredible.

The Game

I typically do a period by period analysis of these things but this game too so much air out of me I had to have Roberto Luongo come pump up my tires. I seriously couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Yet another abysmal performance by the team with some of the greatest players in the world. I mentioned during the game that I honestly never thought I’d see the day when a Red Wings team with Jimmy in net, Pav and Hank and the Mule skating, could ever be this bad. Just what is going on?

For those of you that have ever read Stephen King’s Misery, this game was a lot like that. A whole lot of going nowhere, literally and figuratively, and the only thing keeping me awake as events transpired is just how awful and painful it is to keep trudging through it. Mercilessly, painfully, even excruciatingly so, we find ourselves with quite the climax at the end, and despite the horrible things he has done and said, we still root for our guy to be the hero and come out okay.

And just like that Pav makes magic happen. A beautiful move on Petry, who had a rough game as he put the tying goal into his own net late in the 3rd. My friends will say a Michigan kid deserves better but Pavel knows no friends in other sweaters on the ice. I apologize for not being able to find better footage (i.e. FSD feed), but this video recaptures the magic of our victory thanks to the magician.

NOHS 3 Stars

1st Star – Pavel Datsyuk. I think Mickey Redmond summed it up best with two comments after the game: “This guy was the number one star even before the OT winner; best player on the ice all night long.” And “I know there’s a bit of love for the home team, and the media should favour the home team, but they picked Taylor Hall as the number one star and….he wasn’t.”

2nd Star – Jim Howard. One thing I thought was lost in this atrocity exhibition was just how great Jimmy Howard played. A couple HUGE saves on guys down low, wrap around tries, and a vintage Hasek snow-angel save on a breakaway to keep us in a game we had no business being in.

3rd Star – This would be difficult if it weren’t for Val Filppula. These three players really carried us and I feel it is not hyberbolic to say every other skater was either having a rough go of it or was ineffective. Filppula’s goal gave us hope. He seems to be coming back strong since his injury, which is great for us. Hope he keeps it up.