Ready to Get Fired Up? “Wings Don’t Belong in the Same Rink as the Hawks”

The Wings looked tired and asleep for much of game one.  They didn't have that fire in them and Chicago didn't do anything to light it. Until now.  

Want some lockerroom board worthy material to fire them up?  Here you go, from the Chicago Tribune

"Red Wings don't belong in the same rink as the Hawks"

And that's the headline…it gets worse. 
The rest, after the break – you gotta read it: 
Dan McNeil continues explaining that: 
The hammer and the nail have no rivalry. The nail may not like the hammer, but it's disdain for it does not constitute a rivalry because the hammer barely acknowledges the nail's existence. 
Right now the Blackhawks are the hammer and the Red Wings are the nail. That will not change during the duration of these Western Conference semifinals.
Whoa Dan.  Hold up buddy – not a terrible analogy, except one thing.  You've just entered the rivalry in 2009.  Chicago hasn't beaten Detroit in the playoffs since 1992 – Lidstrom's second year.   You've been the nail for the past 21 or so years.  Winning one game doesn't change that fact.  
Of course, you didn't start paying attention to the Hawks untli 2010 anyways, so you wouldn't know that. 
The bastard isn't done though: 

The Blackhawks are too fast for Detroit. They're too deep. The Hawks are much more experienced, especially at the blue line. They're too well conditioned.

Chicago is too everything for a Wings team that appeared out of gas after going a full seven games against Anaheim in the first round…

Enjoy these not-so-spicy Wings, who are nothing more than an annoying impediment that won't take long to remove.

Bold statement there Dan.  Especially after a first game where everything was pointed towards a Chicago win – being at home, Wings just played a game seven, and Chicago was well rested – but yet the game was tied until the final 10 minutes.  And don't forget, the Ducks started off with a similar 3-1 victory.  
But keep talking trash.  I hope every Wings player reads this, because if they do, they'll take it to heart.  They looked bored and tired in game one.   The Wings needed something to light a fire under there ass.  This should work fine.  
(h/t to Malik for finding this)

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