Play The Kid Line – They’ve Earned It

Outside of the rise of our defense, easily the best part of the playoffs has been the consistancy of our each of our lines, especially our third "kid" line.  Nyquist has been absolutely Datsyukian.  Brunner is tied with the team lead in goals.  Andersson looks like a freaking veteran out there and is solid as a rock.  

So why the heck are they barely seeing any ice time?  

Take a look from last night: 

Brunner: 11:19
Nyquist: 10:26
Andersson: 10:24

It was approximately the same for our fourth line. 

Hit the jump for more: 

I understand the need to shut down the top Chicago players, it just seemed as if Filppula and Cleary and the like were tired at the end of the game last night.  I think we can rely on the kids a little more, as they've proved themselves thus far in my eyes. 

So I'm not complaining–how could I with the results–but I don't see being a two line team as sustainable over the long haul.  Babcock has realized he can rely on the kids on D, but he needs to trust the forwards as well.  They've earned it.