We told you so, we told you so, we told you so. We. Told. You. So. Nyquist isn’t the answer to all of our problems, but it’s amazing what a talented forward can do for a team that’s not scoring goals. Gustavsson wasn’t great, but he stopped enough to get the win.

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I still can’t get over the fact that Nyquist scored so early in his first game up. I expected him to be good and make a difference, but I didn’t expect that. I really thought that he’d be on the 3rd or 4th line, get less than 10 minutes playing with grinders, and then demoted again with a “Well, we tried YOUR idea, stupid fans” from management.

Nyquist and Helm were backchecking like crazy tonight and that’s something the Wings have lacked outside of the Datsyuk line.

Speaking of backchecking, Tatar didn’t. Especially on that shorty against. He made a bad pass, didn’t backcheck and then was soft on the puck on the rebound. That goal was all on him, I’d say.

Weiss is supposed to be back Saturday which means the Wings might have to send Nyquist back down. Tune in to Twitter if that happens. It’ll be fun!

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Gustav ‘The Answer’ Nyquist. 2 goals, including the GWG. He also drew the first penalty on what would be the pivotal 5 on 3 goal.

Second Star: Zetterberg. 3 assists. That guy is so strong on the puck, too. As much as I like watching Pav dangle guys into the ice, seeing Hank control the puck, looking to make a play, all the while a guy is draped over his shoulders, is at least as amazing.

Third Star: Kronwall. 1 goal tonight.

Things to Keep Doing: Dressing good players.

Things to Stop Doing Forever: Demoting said players to the AHL.

Next game is Saturday against Ottawa. Last time we played them, it went… poorly. Play better this time!