Starbucks vs Red Wings 11.7.13

Disgusting way to finish an otherwise really good game as the Wings fall to the Stars 4-3 in OT.

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 I’ll just get this out of the way now: I don’t fault Howard on the goals he let in, but he’s not a $5 million goalie right now. He just isn’t. Dallas capitalized on the few chances they had. Not good enough.

I’m a little miffed that Detroit didn’t get a single power play, but I can’t think of an egregious penalties that Dallas got away with. I thought the call on Abby was callable, but considering the score and the fact that only one other call had been made, it probably shouldn’t have been.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Zetterberg. Three assists tonight, all of them primary.

Second Star: Datsyuk with a great goal.

Third Star: Almquist with his first NHL goal.

Things to Keep Doing: Scoring goals is good.

Things to Stop Doing Forever: Giving up leads and getting scored on late in the second, third and OT periods is bad.

Next game is Saturday. Hopefully the Wings play really well so they can wash this awful taste out of our mouths.