Red Wings Weekend Recap 11.25.13

The Wings played twice this weekend and came away with two points. I’d say “I’ll take it” but I think they can do so much better. This post will mostly just touch on the important things that happened in both games.

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Pavel Datyuk’s status is still unknown after taking an unpunished elbow from Jared Cowen. Lame.

The loss to the Senators stung badly because the Wings were the better team, played hard, and were taking quite a few cheap shots, but didn’t win. Back in the glory years where the Wings seemed to effortlessly beat good teams, they prevented cheap shots by hurting teams on the scoreboard. Their powerplay is in the top 10, but it’s hardly something to be feared, mostly because they don’t get any quality traffic in front of the net. Just goes to show you how vital Holmstrom was to this team.

But that game is in the past where it belongs. If Detroit wants revenge, they’ll get their chance soon.

Sunday afternoon Detroit took on the Sabres and pulled off a 3-1 win. Gustavsson got the win and improved to 5-0-1. His record and his numbers are better than Howard’s this year, by far. I’m not going to say that Monster IS better than Howard, but right now we’re getting points when he starts and we’re getting pissed when Howard starts. Jimmy will turn it around at some point, but between now and then, the Wings might want to go with the guy who gives them a better chance to win hockey games.

Next game is Wednesday against the Bruins.