Red Wings vs Flames Recap: 11.1.13

Detroit capitalized on their chances tonight and, thanks to a late push, were able to beat the Flames 4-3. I know the Wings were not getting many shots during the first 35 minutes, but I thought they played decent to that point. What was really hurting them early in the second was turnovers. Once they stopped coughing up the puck, they were able to get pucks on net and eventually a couple more goals.

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Weiss didn’t get a point tonight, but I thought he played a very good game. The last two games he has been aggressive on the fore-check and has been winning the 50/50 battles. The points will follow if the work ethic continues.

The Wings were getting shafted on the calls tonight and even Pav eventually had to give the ref and ear-full. Like I said on Twitter, if Pavel Datsyuk disagrees with you, you are wrong.

The PK was really good tonight. I never really worried when the Wings were shorthanded, which is nice.

Franzen left the game early and did not return. Hopefully whatever is wrong with him isn’t a long term issue.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Pavel Datsyuk: Goal, assist, and woke the refs up.

Second Star: Bertuzzi. Epic blind backhand pass to Z for the second goal of the game.

Third Star: Third Line. They scored the last two goals, including the GWG by Abby.

Next game is Saturday night against the Oilers. Mrazek is getting the start and Helm is supposedly going to be back in the lineup. Hope so!