Nyquist is Back

Nyquist will play tonight. In an odd turn of events, his status on tonight’s lineup depended on Quincey being able to play. If Quincey had been hurt, Nyquist goes back down and a defenseman and probably Glendening come up. But your dreams have come true, Red Wings fans! Quincey (and Nyquist) can play!

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DeKeyser is out for 3-6 weeks and is planted firmly on LTIR. The soonest we could see him play again would be December 17. I wish Kronwall and Ericsson could play 50 minutes a night.

Based on lines in practice, our first line will be Cleary, Datsyuk, and Bertuzzi. And I just spent five minutes shaking my head at that last sentence. The second line should be good though. Franzen, Zetterberg, and Nyquist, allegedly. Mule can shoot, Nyquist can pass, and Z can do both. Should be a good line if they’re given time together.

The bottom 6 mostly consists of checkers who don’t finish checks, shooters with no one to feed them the puck, and an enforcer-type who hasn’t thrown a punch since 2011. I’m sure they’ll be fine.

The Wings are playing a pretty bad Hurricanes team, but somewhere out there is a Canes fan saying the same thing about us. Wings have to play hard for 60 minutes.