Not Looking Good, But…

I’m going to watch game 7, but I don’t want to. Honestly, I despise playoff hockey. I didn't used to, but I have enough stress in my life these days. I love the regular season. Lose a game and two nights later you’re playing some cupcake that’s on the end of a long road trip and just begging to get their asses’ kicked. Playoffs, though? Level playing field for the most part and each win/loss is worth so much more.

Besides, on paper, game 7 has already been decided. After 40 years of rebuilding, the Blackhawks are finally better than the Red Wings. Chicago won the series 3 games to 3 last night, according to the experts. Actually it doesn’t take an expert to know that the #1 seed, riding all this momentum onto their home ice against their biggest rivals, will probably win easily. Somewhere out there, a Blackhawks employee is arranging hotels for games 3 and 4 in both San Jose and L.A. Chicago’s fans are debating whether they’d prefer the Sharks or Kings and why.

Because game 7 has already been decided.

"It’s over!" They say…

 Fuck. That. We have this guy:

If there’s anything we’ve learned as Red Wings fans, it’s that a goalie can take what has been written in stone and turn it upside down.






Chicago hasn’t been here before. They’re a talented team that has had to rely on unquestionably poor officiating and Brendan Smith to claw their way back into a series that they had won in four after playing just one game. One more amazing game from Jimmy Howard and the narrative comes crashing down. The refs will not help us. The crowd will not be on our side. The bounces could go against us at every turn. But Jimmy Howard is putting on a Red Wings sweater, so there's hope.

I think back to the 2002 Stanley Cup Finals when the Wings faced the Hurricanes and Brett Hull was asked about the “David and Goliath” narrative that was dominating the headlines. He simply said that in the Stanley Cup Finals there is no David.

There are no nails in a game 7. Only hammers. I'm going to watch and so are you.