Kent Huskins Coming to Detroit

Update:  Kent Huskins is the mystery D-Man.  

Losing Colio yesterday leaves Detroit down to five defensemen and puts Kenny Holland on notice.  Well, according to the Free Press, he’s been busy:

Depleted on defense less than one week into the season, the Detroit Red Wings are bringing in help from the outside.

General manager Ken Holland told the Free Press this morning that he is working on signing a veteran and hopes to be able to use the defenseman in tonight's home opener against the Dallas Stars.

Holland didn't want to name the player until the deal is finalized. The contract has to be cleared by the NHL, and the player has to get to Detroit.

Interesting stuff.  According to the Wheel Deal, it’s already been finalized and will be announced soon.  No idea who he could be.

Also, Sammy is out with a groin injury tonight, so they are bringing up Nyquist to take his place.  That is a great positive from my view.  I haven’t been impressed one iota yet with the return of #37.  He’s dumber, slower, and less accurate with his shot than when he left Detroit.   That’s not saying much considering I’ve always thought he was dumb, slow and had a sh!t shot. 

We’ll keep you updated.