Mule is Staying Put

Obviously – this isn't the kind of thing I'd like to be writing about here in the early parts of June.  But at least the Red Wings gave us great hockey almost all the way through May.

…Yeah I know it wasn't ALWAYS great hockey.  But at least we have a team that you can actually be proud of.  Tell you what…we'll come back to that.

The point of this post was to kick-off our post season news reporting.  I know that I didn't do a whole lot through this whacky half season, but I'm going to try really hard to get back to the roots of this blog and keep you as up-to-date as I can…and I know my team will help me out with a lot.

A lot of people we ragging on The Mule, Johan Franzen this season.  The compliance buy-out was tossed around quite a bit.  Well guess what?  It ain't gonna happen.

Make the jump to find out why.

When Kenny "Tick Tock" Holland was approached by the media about potentially buying out Franzen this summer, Kenny had this to say:

“Yeah, it's crazy (speculation) for me,.  I don't know where you find 30-goal scorers. There is no hockey store.  He played 41 games, he had 14 goals. If you times it by two, that's 28 goals. How many players in the league score more than 25 goals?'' –Ken Holland

That quote comes to us via Khan(!) a few days ago. 


I'll admit that Franzen frustrated the heck out of me at times this season…especially in the beginning.  But he did get clutch down the stretch and had 13 points in the last 13 games to help the Wings make the post-season.  He was a little inconsistent in the play-offs and had a team worse -7 rating…that certainly is an ugly stat.  But at times…AT TIMES…he did look like the The Mule we all came to know and love.

Let's face it…his Cap hit is only $3.95 million which is not ridiculous given his output.  For Detroit to walk away from Franzen – Mike Illitch would have to pay him $15 million.  We would give Franzen $15 million over the course of several years to go and score 25+ goals on average somewhere else.  Would you be willing to do that if you were Mike Illitch?

I say give Franzen the summer to work out.  Give him a full season next year to prove his worth…and then if necessary, we can re-visit the buy out conversation next summer.  We have two years of available compliance buy-outs.

We need to look at Samuelsson and Bertuzzi…not Franzen…in my opinion.