March 20 – Standings Watch

Its about time we got back to these.  With the crazy close playoff race, this should be a nearly every morning exercise.  

Western Conference
 Team GP Pts PPG
 1. Chicago 29 51 1.76
 2. Anaheim 28 46 1.64
 3. Minnesota 28 34 1.21
 4. Los Angeles 29 36 1.24
 5. St. Louis 29 34 1.17
 6. Vancouver 29 34 1.17
 7. Detroit 29 33 1.14
 8. San Jose 28 30 1.07
 9. Phoenix 30 30 1.00
 10. Columbus 30 30 1.00
 11. Dallas 28 29 1.04
 12. Edmonton 28 28 1.00
 13. Nashville 30 28 0.93
 14. Calgary 27 26 0.96
 15. Colorado 28 24 0.86

So with 19 games remaining in the season, we're in the playoffs!  Damn the naysayers.  Not bad for a AHL defense and a forward corps which looks like it is at best the remainder 

PPG is what really matters right now, so we really have to be rooting for a few things that might be a bit foreign to us Wings fans.  

Check 'em out after the break

Firstthis is simple but I can't believe I'm saying it – ROOT FOR CHICAGO AND AND ANAHEIM . Jesus, I've drank bottom shelf vodka that tastes better than saying that does, but it is true.  These two teams are in a league of their own, noone is catching them. Thus, every point that they take away from the rest of the crew (other than, of course, against the Wings) is a good thing.  

Second, pray that absolutely as few as possible games go into overtime.  If St. Louis wants to beat San Jose, that's fine, but they better well do it in regulation, because I don't want the Sharks to get a point too.  

Third, keep the Chicago hate close to your heart, because we can't really root for them. They still are Chicago for Yzerman's sake. 

Now a couple things we should be watching: 

Columbus(!)(?)(!) –  Yes, Columbus, the team that just two weeks ago was in last place in not only the league but also the world.  Recently, however, the current city I call home has just caught fire, thanks to two W's against Detroit and has picked up points in the past 11 games.  I fully expect them to crash and burn though soon, because Bob can't keep up his incredible play in net.   

Dallas – This is the team that really is the biggest threat to the Wings making the playoffs.  They are very up and down, more down lately, but a hot streak scares me. Nashville is slumping and Phoenix isn't really a threat I don't believe, but I'd like to keep an eye on Dallas. 

The Next 4 Games:  That all being said, this shows me that really, the Wings hold their own cards to their destiny.  Detroit plays four games in the next six nights.  If they pick up 5 or 6 points, they are in the playoffs, I'd almost guarantee it.  3 or less and it is likely an uphill battle. 

Do it Detroit.  LGRW.