It’s Trade Deadline Day – But Holland Says Don’t Expect Anything

Remember that this day used to be like Christmas morning?  Oh.  What's under the tree this April?  Is that a Chelios down there?  Oh thank you hockey gods!

These days though, a little more boring.  Maybe a Quincey, but only if you're lucky.  And this year, don't expect anything from Kenny.  From the Free Press

“Every year, there’s the odd big deal, but teams really make their moves at the June draft,” Holland said. "And then there’s some rentals."

“History tells you there’s going to be 20 to 30 trades, but there’s going to be lots of deals made for depth. I’ve had some conversations with some teams about the odd depth player. I don’t really have any interest."


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Apparently they were after Jagr and JayBo, but the price got too high

The Red Wings were interested in defenseman Jay Bouwmeester, but refused to part with a first-round pick. Calgary traded him to St. Louis on Monday.

“We traded a first-round pick last year (to Tampa Bay for defenseman Kyle Quincey), when we were first overall, concerned about losing (Nicklas) Lidstrom and (Brad) Stuart,'' Holland said. “We were going for it.

“You can't trade your first-round pick every year. You have to pick and choose when you go for it.''

Honestly, I think I could have handled a first rounder for Bouwmeester.  Not saying that staying pat is the wrong decision, but it is certainly not the most interesting decision.  

But oh well, the fun is over.  We're grown up now.  No more Chelioses under the tree these days.