It’s Time To Release the Bertuzzi

Is It Time for Tuzzi?

Game one didn’t go the way we wanted.  It wasn’t terrible by any means, but there was something missing. 

Line one was good when Pavel wasn’t getting hooked and slashed.  They weren’t on their game the way they can be, but that’s ok.  They are allowed one here or there. 

Line three was buzzing.  They  looked nervous, but they still were good.  I thought Nyquist shined while Brunner didn't get a lot done and kept losing the puck.  But don’t mess with it Babcock.  Don't you dare. 

Line four was average.  Not a lot of ice time, but nothing terrible either.

But line two got dominated.  I thought Franzen was decent, but Filppula was pushed around the entire game.   Cleary did what he could, but he is not a second liner anymore, nor is he a big guy.

Not to worry though, we have a big guy, we just have to let him loose. 

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Bertuzzi is healthy and has been for a few weeks now.  But why mess with a winning formula? So he sat the last few games.  I actually agreed with Babbles approach, but to me, it’s time for the ‘Tuzz to return.  He’d certainly help the second line – adding a little more size and touch.   Moreso, putting him in place of Cleary would give that line a little more room to move.  Because, unlike Clears, you have to guard him or he can make you pay.  Plus, he’ll abduct your parents and hold them ransom if you take liberties with Filppula’s pretty face.

I think you drop Cleary to the fourth line and let Tootoo sit a game and see how that works.  I love the way Tootoo plays, but he’s just not versatile enough to be in the lineup right now. 

So bring back Bert and, if he’s healthy like he says, hopefully we can get that second line going.