Immortal Homer – A Gameday Poster Tribute to #96

So tonight’s the night that we lose another member of the Wings family to retirement.  Homer is calling it a career as the last member of the Four Cup Club.  His retirement announcement is at 4:30 and you can watch it here.

Behind the commotion caused by the injuries and random signings of former Blues, I feel that Homer hasn’t really been given his due for his absolutely dedicated fifteen years of service wearing the Red and White in front of the opponents net.  This leaves a void that might be just as hard to fill as the one that #5 left on blue line. 

Homer was special.  Not special like #5.  Only Yzerman and Howe are on that level. Losing Lidstrom is like losing your father to old age.  But losing Homer is like having to put your dog down who has unconditionally loved you and gave his heart and soul to protect you for his entire life.  Losing either is terribly sad, but a different kind of sad.

So for tonight’s game, we honor #96 with our gameday poster. 

This one really hit home for me.  Josh did an excellent job. 

The Wings need to come out and give it their all tonight, if only to honor what #96 did for so many seasons.  

Live blog it for Homer.