Honest Question

Are you happy with today? I was, but then a moment of reflecting upon our acquisitions and non-acquisitions made me see the light. We lost Damien Brunner and Valtteri Filppula to free agency. We gained Stephen Weiss-not-VVeiss and Daniel Alfredsson. So what?

If we remove context, and someone says to me, seemingly out of the blue on any other day, that the Detroit Red Wings will lose Damien Brunner and Valtteri Filppula to gain Stephen Weiss and Daniel Alfredsson, I am just not so sure I’m excited. I mean, imagine if the two guys we gained played for the same team. Now imagine it were mid-season. Now imagine Kenny pulled the trigger and traded straight up. Do we celebrate? Are we happy? Crap, I don't know! But I'm kind of have an idea now….maybe.

I am a bit indifferent to today’s deals. Sure, we got big names. We got some upper echelon folks to replace those we lost. But is it really all that big of a deal? I say that Alfredsson, 57 years young, is an improvement over Filppula, not so much in any statistical category but in terms of consistency and leadership. I also say that Weiss is a great piece to add once you know Brunner is not going to work out for us. Brunner was amazing, really produced in the playoffs which was huge for me, after thinking he was a 1-hit wonder when he hit that horrible mid-season slide. But Weiss is more of a multi-dimensional player, and can deliver rather consistently.

So yeah, I say today is a win. But just barely, not nearly as much of a blockbuster day as the mainstream media is making it out. Just a modest improvement. Plus it cost Mr I some serious dough.