Hockey is Coming

Morning, gang…it's time to get back to work, according to

After a marathon 16-plus hour negotiating session at the Sofitel Hotel that began Saturday afternoon, the sides announced an agreement in principle shortly after 6 a.m. Sunday.

We don't have a number of games yet…we don't have a start date.  BUT – apparently those details are going to come out soon.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen – it looks like we're going to have some NHL hockey this year,

I know I've taken the ostrich approach to this lockout…burying my head in the sand.  Maybe that wasn't the right thing to do.  Maybe I could have tried to come up with something to say on a daily basis to try and keep the site going.  But I said it at the beginning – if they canceled the Winter Classic – I was going to lose it.  They canceled it.  I lost it.

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Now as I sit here, in my new home in Sioux Falls, SD…out of enemy territory (though they appear to be Minnesota Wild fans out here)….I'm ready to get back to work and writing about the Detroit Red Wings.  I'm ready to start watching hockey again.

Apparently, all it took was us here at NOHS closing our doors to force the PA and the Owners to get into a room for 16 hours straight and hammer out this framework.

So can we be friends again?

And congrats to the USA World Junior Team on their gold medal.

Let's Go Red Wings.