Hey Detroit – Play Like The Blue Jackets And You’ll Be Fine

Didn't that feel good?  The Wings not only won, but won by scoring 4 goals.  FOUR!  Remember when that was our average per game?  

Ahh the good ol' days.  

Yesterday was a day when everyone played hard.  The kid line looked stupid fast and furious. Franzen actually moved his feet towards the net!  Abdelkader threw his body around so much I actually thought he deserved to be o nthe first line there for a moment.  

If they play like they did yesterday, they will make the playoffs.   Because if you compare the talent between Detroit and their two competitors for the last spot, Dallas and Columbus, there isn't even a question of who has the most.  Detroit's talent level is still in the top 5-10 in the league.  

What the other two have, Columbus espeically, is a level of hustle and determination that Detroit hasn't seen since Zetterberg shut down Crosby in 2008.  It is honestly inspiring to watch the Jackets these days, because they aren't winning on anything other than heart.  

Hit the jump for more on Detroit's heart: 

If Detroit can match the heart that Columbus has shown in the second half of the season, or even get a litttle bit close, they will be a great team again.  Great as in upset the #1 team.  

It'll take a team buy-in though.  You know Datsyuk will be at the level he needs to be, but guys like Franzen can't take shifts off.  Abdelkader has to be a Detroit devil out there.  Nyquist has to be a waterbug and skitter all over the ice.  Every player has to believe.  

By the way, Waterbug would be a good nickname for the kid. Discuss…) 

Because this team has talent, but it needs to be harnessed.  That'll take confidence, but confidence is earned through effort.  

Do it Wings.  



They also might upset a #1 seed.