Hey Babcock – Need Goals? Here You Go…

Right now, it's clear things aren't click yet for Detroit.  Weiss was -4 last night, Alfie was -3.  What can be done?  Khan(!) gives Babbles some obvious suggestions

Options for Babcock include inserting one or both of his healthy spare forwards, Tomas Tatar and Jordin Tootoo.

Now we all know Tootoo isn't going to do jack sh!t.  Putting Tatar on the second or third line would be wonderous.  But, don't forget about this guy.  

Once again, he's tearing it up in the AHL already.

We need offense and we have two guys who absolutely have lit it up in the AHL the past few years not skating with the team.

If I had my way, these are our team's top 12 forwards (after the break):

Datsyuk – Zetterburg – Abby
Franzen – Weiss – Alfie
Nyquist – Andersson – Tatar
Cleary – Sammy – Bert / Miller

Sorry Emmerton, but you're useless.  I don't get why you are still in the line-up.   And absolute no-go on Tootoo.  Eaves, well, I think he could be interchangable for anyone on the 4th line. 

You put that line-up on the ice and you'll score.