Hammer N’ Nail

Someone at NHL.com read what is turning out to be my favorite article ever and has taken our suggestion of mocking Dan McNeil to a new level – take a look. 

Just to be sure, here's how the story begins: 

The hammer and the nail don’t have a rivalry anymore.

Says who?

After 87 years and 800-plus games, a columnist seemingly based the Game 1 outcome – which happened to be the Blackhawks’ eighth straight win over the Red Wings in the all-time series – to declare the Wings-Hawks rivalry dead.

Well, the nail is seething and it should have the hammer’s attention by now.

The nail was never on life-support and after a convincing 3-1 victory Monday night the nail made it abundantly clear that this Western Conference semifinal is going to be a long, contemptuous series. Period.

I love it. 

By the way, coward Dan McNeil hasn't responded once since Detroit's victory Saturday – not making a peep on Twitter once.  Really owning that aren't ya Dan?