Good News, Great News, Amazing Game Day Movie Poster

Due to an insane amount of travel for work I haven't actually been able to watch a single Red Wings game since what seems like 1985, in reality I haven't watched since the 2-1 win over the Sharks back on February 28th. It sounds like I didn't miss much. The Wings have been trapped in some alternate version of 2013 where  Dan Cleary and Justin Abdelkader are considered top 6 forwards.

Lets kick it up to 88 mph after the jump for all the goodies.

Nyquist has been recalled, and Tatar sent down. I know this seems a bit odd since Tatar was one of the Wings more consistent forwards over the last 16 or so games, but when you hear the explanation for the swap it's not all that bad. Tatar was sent back because there isn't space in the power play for him. Why? Because Filppula is back. Well, hes back if the morning skate doesn't give him any setbacks. That means the top line will consist of Filppula, Zetterberg and Brunner. 

More good news in the Nyquist saga! He has been practicing on the 2nd line with Datsyuk and Franzen. The top 6 looks pretty dangerous all of the sudden right? I wonder how he convinced Babcock to give him the chance he deserves? Was it that he was leading the AHL in scoring, or did he go back in time and convince mama and papa Babcock to go easy on him?

Even better news! Helm is eyeing a March 20th return date. If you are counting, as I am, that's only 3 games away. A top 6 that can score, a bottom 6 with speed and energy. This is the Red Wings we all know.

14 of the next 22 games will be on the road, which by all accounts will not be easy. This is a time for the team to bond, and really gel as a group. So as DMC-12 Red Bird 3 gets its engines roaring just remember…

Where were going we don't need roads…