Gameday (and Maybe Season Motif) Movie Poster – Breakable

Gameday again – with Detroit suffering through a 5 game losing steak.  Suddenly this isn't as fun anymore, but I keep coming back because I have faith.  

And Josh Howard does too.  Here's what he has to say: 

Breakable…. I think it's safe to say our view of the Wings has been shattered in the current season.  They may not EVER be completely healthy.  While the rest of the league deals with injuries, we're simply plagued with them.  Never fear though.  It is through this breaking that the team can truly be reshaped.  We've seen Tatar… we've seen the rise of Lashoff on the blue line.  Mrazek showed us what he had.  Some see a lost season… I see an opportunity.  Let's take these broken pieces.  Let the chips fall where they may… heroes WILL rise.