Game Day Movie Poster: White

It's purely just a coincidence that Quincey went down with a possible season ending injury just as Ian White looked like he would spend the rest of the season in the press box, or on the trade block. Since the Wings play has brought us all down maybe its time to have a little fun with our misfortune, especially on the blueline, and especially since Mr. White bares a strong resemblance to one of TV's greatest characters.

Click the jump to find out who.

What if White, despite being a more than serviceable defenseman who shoots right has jumped around the NHL for other reasons? Maybe he's a defenseman by day, and serial killer by night, bent on righting the wrongs of the NHL.

Kindl's spot in the lineup is safe for now,but if Colaiacavo EVER gets healthy enough to play a game for the Wings somebody just might end up on the chopping block…

And it won't be Hollands…

Josh gives us yet another masterpiece for tonight's game. Let's have some fun, and hope the Wings do too. We need these points more than ever.