Game 6 Wrap-up: Suck It Ducks

This game had it all. Extreme highs, matched with heart breaking lows. I may have even cried at times. We saw Zetterberg pull this team up on his shoulders and lug them down the ice into the offensive zone. As much as I hated to see this game almost go down the toilet in the 3rd, there is no better feeling than seeing Zetterberg rocket a shot past Hiller in OT while the Ducks skated to the locker room with their heads down.

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1st period

Datsyuk’s goal was incredible, not only did he dangle the Ducks right out of their pants he was the sole reason the puck stayed in the zone. He should have gotten an assist to go along with the goal. I think Perry even cheered him on.

2nd period

Detroit was lucky to get out of the 2nd with the game tied 1-1. Quincey + Smith = Garbage. Though I don’t fully blame Smith on the own goal since it was just one of those unlucky bounces. I have no idea how that pairing is still intact.

Howard robbed Selanne.  

Tinfoil hat time. Zetterberg  gets hooked and hauled down but no call. CNBC announcers accuse him of diving. Then in Intermission, Bill Patrick says that very disciplined hockey is being played because only 1 penalty was called. How’s that for logic.

3rd period

The Wings get the power play and I think to myself why’s Sammy on the point, then he immediately sets up Z for a rocket. Smith drew the call to get the Wings on the PP, so at this point he’s redeemed himself

Wings go up 3-1 on a Abby/Cleary goal, and at this point I finally stopped biting my nails down to bloody nubs.

If you want a definition of classless, look no further than Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry. To slash at a players ankle after the play because you are jealous of his hair, not to mention his skill is just plain bad sportsmanship. I understand getting frustrated, but as a captain you need to hold your composure and not act like a goon. Perry kept his mouth shut once he looked over and saw it was Bertuzzi hanging over the boards with his murder stare.


How is it that they have let two games this series slip away to overtime? Filppula made a boo boo, and Hank had to come in and clean up his mess.

It all comes down to game 7.

3 Stars.

  1. Zetterberg. He couldn’t have picked a better time to break his goal drought. From start to finish he never gave up.
  2. Jimmy Howard. Not one of Anaheim's goals were his fault. He made some of the best saves of his career, while keeping Detroit’s in the game.
  3. Nyquist, Brunner & Andersson. They may have not ended up on the score sheet, but they played their hearts out.


LGRW! Game 7, 10 PM, Sunday.