You Can’t Win ‘Em All (In OT) – Game 5 Recap

Frustrating game.  Chances were there for both teams.   Ducks made it happen at the end. 

Here's the recap. 


And here we go – a huge game. 

After the break: 

Early penalty against the Ducks for tender interference, but Detroit whiffs literally on the PP chance.  Thankfully, Perry's an a-hole and does the same thing again and gives the Wings another PP.  

"What? I wasn't in the crease!"

Soon after, the MULE does what he does best!  Suck it Hiller.  


Speaking of Mule, he then goes right into the box.  Howard says suck it old man on a great save on Selanne. 

Emmerton gets two minutes for showing the world how little hair Getzlaf has.  5-3 PK.  Here we go. 

Announcers just said Howard has to steal this one.  I can't agree more.   So far so good.  (Knock on wood…)

And Howard responds with possibly the best save thus far in the playoffs.  Wow, what a glove he has sometimes.  

Not much is happening, so here's a fun stat – Detroit's leader scorer so far in the playoffs is Brunner.  He also has less ice time than anyone else not named Nyquist, Bertuzzi, Emmerton and Eaves. 

And because I said that, a weak floating shot makes it through a million bodies and ties it up past Howard.  17th shot of the game already for the Ducks.


18-9 end of period shots.  Howard is MVP thus far.  

First intermission and you made the jump, so I'll give you this former Wings coach gif: 


An early two goals would be nice, right guys? 

Eaves almost does what I ask, but Hiller makes a huge save.  Wings buzzing.  

Bertuzzi intentionally stayed out for a super long shift to get on the ice with Datsyuk.  Can't blame him, he's playing well.  Babbles, move him to line two damnit!

Speaking of that, next shift Bert is on a line with Datsyuk.  Quicker response than I would have thought…Sammy is down on line 4. 

I love playoff Franzen. 

I don't love playoff Cleary. Line two right now is getting worked by Perry's line.  Filppula and Cleary and just weak as hell. 

Palmieri has a breakaway, but Howard summons the ghost of Hasek and scares Palmieri into missing the net by flopping on his back.  Who am I to question him? 

Our kid line is consistently our second best line.  Why are they never on the ice?  Right now, Cleary and Filppula have the most ice time of any forwards.  They've also been our worst forwards.  WTF .  

And just as I'm typing how pissed I am about how Sammy is back on the first line, Hiller gives out a bigger rebound than Taylor Swift and Sammy pounds it home.   Figures.  Anyway, WOOOOO!


Just seconds later, Brunner has the biggest breakaway of his life, only to be stoned by Hiller.  Still buzzing for the rest of the shift and Smith hits the post.  Nothing.  

And just a minute later, a Duck channelled Brett Lebda and turned it over it to Datsyuk for a one on one chance with HIller.  Nothing. 

Cleary is down, clearly in a ton of pain.  But don't show the hit NBC, instead lets immediately go to commerical. Great. 

Just watched the replay – damn…textbook boarding.  Five minutes PP.  

Early on in the PP, Nyquist pings one off the post.  Hiller better be thanking those before the night is over.  

Well, we didn't want that first two three four minutes of the entire PP anyway.    Smith picks up a weak holding penalty, which was less surprising than pretty girl Arias facing the slammer.  

And the PK kills us again – Getzlaf has the red sea part and snipes it on Howard like WWII. 


Wings come back with another post right before the end of the period.  Not enough though.  Period ends. 

Intermission – so here's a freaking awesome picture of Datsyuk scoring last game. 

Credit to SimplySolace


So far we've seen one period where Detroit has dominated and one where they've been dominated.  This period is going to be interesting.  

Cleary is back.  As much as I don't love his ice time right now, I'm glad he's ok. 

Both teams trading chances early on.  But neither is taking chances. 

A Duck snowplows into Howard, bringing the puck with him.  No goal.  

Please don't go into overtime. I need to sleep sometime. 

Datsyuk wants to dangle, but the best defense against him is bad ice.   Honda Center has plenty of that. 


Bertuzzi sends a pass to Eaves for a breakaway. Called offside.  

Bullshit.  Refs always screw this call up.   Costs Detroit a breakaway. 

Ryan gets a rebound chance.  Howard gets a leg on it.  I get a heart attack. 

Anyone else notice Zetterberg can't hit the net this series? 

Final minute.  Perry gets the chance of his dreams but Howard stones him like they talked about in the Bible.  Worth every penny that goalie is

We have overtime. F#$k.


And before it ever starts, Ducks win.

All is not lost.  Game six is Friday.