Game 4 Recap: Oh Lord Jesus That’s an Overtime Win

Holy crap, what a game.  We saw the team fight through confidence issues and some terrible puck luck these games and hustle their way to 49 shots in the 3-2 OT win.

As Brunner said after the game, they deserved this win.  

Marvelous game from every freaking player on the team.  That includes Cleary, Filppula, Smith, you name it.  

Here’s the recap as I watched it during the night.  

First Period

On Bertuzzi’s first shift, he faced the absolute worst interference I’ve seen lately.  Even the CNBC announcers mentioned it.  No call of course. 

Completely rookie mistake by Smith on Anaheim’s first goal.  First he loses the puck in front of Howard, second he doesn’t attack the Ducks player as he kept whiffing on the puck.

We have a Kronwalled!  I smiled. 

Howard looks clumsy so far this period and really, this playoff series. Pucks are bouncing, he’s falling, things just look awkward.   Now he’s certainly not the reason we’re down right now, he is being outplayed again in the playoffs. 

Star of the first period – the crowd at the Joe.  The “Todd-Ber-tuz-zi” chant followed up by “You Got Kronwalled!”  Nice work guys. 

And end of the period, Johan gets a penalty for half what happened to Bertuzzi earlier.  Crap is what that is. 

End of 1st 1-0 Ducks

Second period and on, after the break: 

Second Period

Filppula can’t even play defense anymore.  What the hell happened to the guy?

The fourth line is one of the best right now.  Bertuzzi neeeeeeds to be taking the place of either Sammy, Cleary, or Filppula, immediately. 

Speaking of which, Filppula just bumblfu#ked his way to the net, only to have Cleary do what he does best with it, nothing.

Hiller isn’t terrible.  I wish he was.

Ericsson showed some dangles and some hitting tonight.  Can’t complain about him at all.

Bertuzzi touches a guy, he falls like a sniper is in the building.   Or a serial killer…hmmm….

Not to talk about Val again, but at least I notice him this game.  

A shot just got blocked from the point.  I miss Lidstrom. 


I remember when we used to score goals.

Every time the Ducks get a chance, it’s Smith and Quincey on the ice. Every freaking time.

Zetterberg and Datysuk have been non-existent this entire series.  That’s the difference right now. (Edit from 

Seems like a million commercials this period, which helps remind me that not every game show gives out millions of dollars to the winner.  CNBC, you’re really breaking the bank with that $50k prize on Crowd Rules aren’t ya?  

Another random fact as the period ends – Zetterberg made almost twice that ($95K) each game this year.  It sucks to be a normal person. 

End of 2nd: 1-0 Ducks

Third Period

Come on fellas, score darmnit.

GOOAAAAALLLL!!!  Ask and you shall receive.  Smith actually scored a freaking goal – off the Ducks but who cares.  Great work by the kid line there. 

Kindl screws up on the blueline and the balding Getzlaf gets a breakaway, but HUGE save by Jimmy.  That’s the kind of tending we need. 

Power play – first one of the game four minutes into the third.   Some tic-tac-toe to start the PP off, but nothing comes of it.  I blame Samuelsson. 

For as much crap as we give him, Cleary really tries his ass off. 

Howard is starting to look like the tender we paid six million for.  No rebounds, no chance for the Ducks. 

And Ducks the score, despite Detroit dominating the period.  Lashoff hits Howard and some idiot gets the rebound.  Speechless.

Datsyuk does an amazing spin-o-rama in front of the net, Hiller gets luck as can be. 

Puck on the goal line, probably was in, but no way to prove it…no goal. 

DATSYUK!!!!!!!!!  Holy wow, what a shot.  Best player in the game.  Water bottles all over the world are scared. What a shot.  

What a game.  Great chances on both sides.  I’m scared and excited and scared. 

And overtime…again. 

Overtime: 2-2 Tie

I missed what the penalty was, but great kill by Eaves to start the OT.  His speed reminds me how much we miss Helmer. 

Two trips from the Ducks, no calls yet.   Not surprised.   Also, lines are crazy so far in OT.  No idea what’s going on. – thought I saw Hudler out there for a second.


Zetterberg is going to get one of those off angle shots here soon. 

Awesome shift by the second line – kept it in the Ducks zone for at least a few minutes.

BRUNNER GOALLLLL!!!!!L!L!L!!L!LL!L!!  Nyquist did all the work and Brunner does his large nosed goal scoring magic.  Right place at the right time.  That's a skill in itself.   

I love our future.


Phew.  What a game.  What a freakin game.

Suck it Perry.