Game 2: Tie it up

Tuesday’s game was a bit of a letdown for Wings fans. We all felt that the outcome should have been reversed, and even with sloppy play at times the game was pretty evenly matched, and could have gone either way.

1 game does not make a series, and you can bet that the Wings will try and reverse the momentum with a split tonight. You as fans have a responsibility to reverse the karma of Tuesday’s loss by performing new game day rituals to appease the hockey gods.

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Corey Perry is a dickbag, or whatever term you feel fits better. His skate to Howard’s face was the move of a player with fear. He knows deep down that the Wings are a better team otherwise that play never happens. If he was trying to take Jimmy out of the game, either physically or mentally. it didn’t work, and you can bet that the players took notice.

It’s still unclear if Babs will make any changes to the lineup, but if he does Bertuzzi is likely in. I don’t want to see it at the expense of Tootoo. Bertuzzi could give the 4th line a nice 1-2 punch of murder along with 22, centered by 25. Yes that would mean that Eaves sits in my scenario, but the team needs a little more size and grit against the Ducks. Bert isn’t exactly a slouch when it comes to putting the puck in net either, and from the sound of it he seems hungry.

1 vote for murder, anyone else?

The top line needs to figure out how to keep the Koivu line from shutting them down, and the 2nd and 3rd lines need to pick up the slack. First game jitters for the playoff rookies hopefully subside tonight and the D turns out a better performance. Defense wins games in the playoffs, and in the Wings case that means better puck movement from the blueliners.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a DeKeyser goal tonight.

If the Wings stick to the system tonight there is no doubt they can bring the series back to the Joe tied 1-1.